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August Week 3 Update! Featured Image

August Week 3 Update!

by: Andrea Martin  /  August 14, 2012

It's been a week or so since we've last given you an insight into our bustling company! There have been quite a few accomplishments since our last post and some sad news as well. Our complex but easy-to-use follow-up system is finished now, thanks to our dedicated developer. This will significantly improve customer relations as our staff can quickly see how a client is being helped, if they need more help, etc.
In other news, our developer has gone on temporary leave due to conflicts with full-time school and full-time work. He has helped shape this company over the summer and made countless systems more efficient and organized. Shout out to Sam Wilkeson, an excellent coder.
Keep your eyes peeled for a new developer soon!
We are constantly working to improve our services at Hostwinds, so feel free to leave a comment below this post letting us know what you'd like to see, and we'll do our best to implement it!
Thank you all for reading, and have a productive and wonderful week.
-Daniel M

Written by Andrea Martin  /  August 14, 2012