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Hostwinds Spotlight: White Label Reseller Services Featured Image

Hostwinds Spotlight: White Label Reseller Services

by: Hostwinds Team  /  November 24, 2018

It's the day after Black Friday, so most people are resting and playing with their new products and/or services. But wait! Hostwinds' Black Friday deals CONTINUE!

What's that? Would you like me to elaborate? Can do my friend!

Hostwinds Black Friday Sales:

75% off any billing cycle, Monthly through Triennially, for our Shared, Business, Reseller, and White Label services.

60% off any billing cycle, Monthly through Triennially, for all of our Linux and Windows Managed VPS as well as our Dedicated Servers.

10% off any billing cycle, Monthly through Triennially, for all of our Linux and Windows Unmanaged VPS.

P.S. These discounts only apply to your first payment regardless of the billing cycle.

P.P.S. Only new products and services will be discounted during this promotion.

WHOA, those deals are, as the kids say, "BANANAS…B, A, N, A, N, A, S." The Hostwinds Team thought it would be nice to spotlight one of the services that are still MAJORLY discounted, even after Black Friday!

What's that? You're super curious as to which service we will be spotlighting in this blog post?

What's that? Oh, you already know exactly what service is in the Hostwinds spotlight because it is explicitly stated in the title of this blog post?

Wow, audience, I can't get anything past you because you are so smart and perceptive! You are correct! The Hostwinds spotlight is Our White Label Reseller Plan!

What is a Hostwinds White Label Reseller Plan?

Definition of Hostwinds White Label Reseller web hosting account: I think I'll hand this one over to Hostwinds' brilliant Front-Line Team…the following quote from one of many well-written Knowledge Base guides explains the White Label Reseller account in the perfect way:

"Hostwinds offers clients a White Label Reseller solution for reselling our services. This means you are able to resell ANY Hostwinds product as your own, without your client ever seeing the Hostwinds name, brand, or logo."

If you would like to read more about the basics of a Hostwinds' White Label Reseller account, visit

The White Label Reseller Lowdown

Let's begin with a great aspect of White Label Reseller accounts: The White Label Reseller plan comes with a WHMCS license to resell any web hosting product or service!

To elaborate on this, when you get started with a White Label Reseller account, Hostwinds gives you a Basic Shared Hosting account and a WHMCS license. From there, you have a basic page where you can sell Hostwinds products and services.

More aspects of the White Label Reseller package: Oh my goodness, the Front-Line Team did it again…They so perfectly detailed White Label Reseller perks and highlights in this passage from the "White Label Reseller Simplified Overview" guide:

"Hostwinds technicians set everything up for you! We create your WHMCS, and we set up your products and services in your WHMCS for resale.

You can then add your payment processing information, such as Paypal and Credit Card Processing settings. You can also then change the price of the products you are selling to whatever you wish to charge for these services.

You are capable of under-pricing the Hostwinds service to attract more customers, or overpricing, to make more profits."

Sweet! Thanks for your fantastical genius, Hostwinds Front-Line Team!

Note: The White Label Reseller account requires clients to keep a card on file.

Another Note: Just to be clear, you are able to use your brand when you resell Hostwinds' product and services, as Hostwinds' brand will not be on any product or service.

Visit anytime to have a look at more of the benefits of the White Label Reseller hosting package.

Click the green "Get Started" button at the bottom of the page to set up an account. The Black Friday discounts will generate automatically when you get to the checkout page.

Another Hostwinds Knowledge Base guide (entitled "Hostwinds White Label Reseller Overview") goes over more White Label Reseller specifics:

"White Label comes with the following:

One free domain name registration for the first year *

One dedicated IP for your White Label Reseller web hosting account

cPanel access to manage your domain and emails, with the equivalent of Shared Basic Hosting. (please review Shared Hosting Overview for more information)

WHMCS license key to help you manage your web hosting billing & automation

Discounts off products depending on the amount sold."

Visit to read the remainder of that guide.

Speaking of guides, here are a couple more regarding White Label Reseller information that you may want to reference during your White Label Reseller web hosting journey:

As your website's users buy the Hostwinds products and services you sell, the same exact product(s) and/or service(s) will be automatically ordered on your Hostwinds account. You pay Hostwinds for the product(s) and/or service(s), and your clients pay you. You keep the profit.

The White Label Reseller plan is unique to the general Reseller plan in that the former allows you to use your own brand rather than Hostwinds' brand when selling products and services.

The Hostwinds products and services that are eligible to be sold by White Label Reseller clients: Hostwinds Shared services, Hostwinds Business shared services, all Hostwinds VPS services, and add-ons associated with said products and services.

Black Friday + White Label Reseller = Perfection & Big Savings

In conclusion, purchasing a White Label Reseller is a great idea right now because 1. It is a great/economical way to start your own web hosting business. It is fast, easy, and convenient. 2. Hostwinds' Black Friday has spilled over to Saturday, and these deals are too good to miss! Treat yourself today and begin your White Label Reseller web hosting adventure with a 75% off discount! Oh, and on that note, during the busy holidays this year, make sure to remember to nurture yourself and pamper yourself a little bit too. You do so much for so many people, so do something for yourself this year and capitalize on Hostwinds' Black Friday deals. Let our experts help take care of your web hosting business by making the White Label Reseller process fast and easy for you. Happy Extended Black Friday from the Hostwind Family to you!

Written by Hostwinds Team  /  November 24, 2018