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Hostwinds Webinars: Client Area

by: Hostwinds Team  /  January 4, 2020

Happy Belated New Year, folks! It's that special time to set your intentions and resolutions for the year, and we've got big plans.

One of our New Year's Resolutions is to clarify absolutely everything we possibly can pertaining to client services and tools. This blog post, accompanied by our Client Area Webinar video, is intended to do just that.

The Hostwinds Client Area is quite user-friendly if we do say so ourselves. However, there is a lot to it. Throughout the course of this blog post, we will walk you through some of the extensive options right at your fingertips in the Client Area.

P.S. If your New Year's Resolution is to read through the entirety of a technical blog post without falling asleep, we can help! We'll make sure to pepper a little bit of light comedy throughout this blog piece so you can make it to the conclusion.

First & Foremost: Hostwinds' Client Area Webinar Video

Before we get into the details and clarification, Hostwinds presents to you…

Our Client Area Webinar:

Production By Hostwinds Support Team Agent, David H.

Do you see what we mean when we say the Client Area has a lot to it? Fortunately, the "Hostwinds Client Area Overview" Knowledge Base guide contains the following synopsis of some of the features included in the Client Area if you ever need a cheat sheet:


  1. Navigation Bar – Services, Domains, Billing, Support, Cloud Control
  2. Personal Account – Edit details, Manage Credit Card, etc
  3. Your Info – Display of your current information
  4. Current Balance – Displays if there are unpaid invoices for quick navigation to billing
  5. Contacts – Secondary Contacts on the account if applicable
  6. Your Products / Services – List of products current with the account, including their status.
  7. Shortcuts – Shortcuts to ordering new services, registering a new domain, or logging out.


Also outlined by this informative guide: Some of the options available to you when you click 'Domains,' then 'My Domains.'


Domains >> My Domains

  1. View – List of domains, active, expired, or about to be expired
  2. My Domains – List of all domains ever registered with Hostwinds, active or expired
  3. Actions – Quick selection of renewing, registering a new domain, or transferring a domain


Hostwinds Client Area Overview

More tips and tricks, here we come! Oh wait, we promised you comedy.

Here's a corny tech joke to tide you over for now:

How many coders does it take to change a light bulb?

Absolutely none. That is a hardware issue.

Second & Still Significant: Client Area Features & Particulars

The first 'particular' worth mentioning about the Client Area is how to get there. Simply visit and click the 'Client Login' link at the top of the page. Enter in your Hostwinds email and password to log yourself in!

Client Area Homepage

Now that you have successfully navigated to the Client Area homepage, our "Hostwinds My Products & Services Section" guide has some pointers for you:

"My Products and Services is where it is easy to see all of your services at Hostwinds. Each service listed describes the name of the service, its price, next due date and status. Each category can be sorted by clicking on the category title as well. Each product has a manage icon next to it where more detailed information and options can be reviewed for that specific product."

Hostwinds My Products & Services Section

Client Area Support

Have you come to the Client Area to get help with your hosting service or account? If so, you can click the 'Support' drop-down menu. From there, you are welcome to review your previous tickets, open a new ticket, check out our Knowledge Base, or view the available downloads for your service.

While We're on the Subject of Support Tickets: If you are curious about what a ticket's status means, the Client Area Webinar has got your back. Below are excerpts from the webinar regarding ticket status.

"[…] 'On Hold' here means that the ticket is in our queue and awaiting a response."

"'In Progress' would mean that a member of our team is currently working on the ticket."

"'Answered' would mean that we were the last ones to reply to the ticket, and you can reply to a ticket in order to reopen it."

To expand on that a little, the 'Customer-Reply' status means that you just replied to the ticket, and a Hostwinds team member will be responding next.

A ticket will have a status of 'Open,' when it is initially opened. A Hostwinds staff member will be assigned the ticket shortly after, changing the status to 'On Hold.'

When everything has been taken care of, the ticket will be closed, displaying a 'Closed' status like so:

That covers the ticket status information, and while we are still within the 'support' realm, the below quotes from our Webinar will point you in the right direction for support-related needs:

Webinar Quote #1: "'Support,' 'Knowledgebase' brings you to the Hostwinds Knowledge Base where you can view a bunch of different guides."

Webinar Quote #2: "'Support, 'Downloads' lists available client downloads such as the client for our VPN."

For more information about the Client Area's 'Downloads' section, click below:

Hostwinds Available Downloads From The Client Area

Client Area Cloud Control

The Client Area paired with the Cloud Portal makes all the perfunctory tasks involved in web hosting easy, doable, and even, dare we say, fun? What's that? You are wondering if that was the comedy we were referring to in the introduction? Surprisingly, it wasn't!

In fact, you can click the 'Cloud Control' drop-down menu, then click 'Cloud Portal' to jump back and forth between the Client Area and Cloud Portal as you manage and adjust aspects of your hosting with ease. On top of that, as discussed in our Client Area Webinar, you can click 'Cloud Control' then 'Monitoring' to "create or customize monitoring checks. So this would be something like pinging a specific IP periodically to ensure it is still accessible. If the check fails, you can have it email you or automatically open up a technical support ticket for our technicians to look into it. Also, this page is where checks from our monitoring add-on are managed."

Client Area Communication Preferences

Perhaps you logged into the Client Area to sort out your communication preferences. You have an assortment of opportunities to adjust how Hostwinds communicates with you.

For instance, you can click 'Hello, [Your First Name]' toward the top right of the page, then click 'Change Account Email' to adjust the email associated with your hosting account.

Note From the Webinar: "We will send you a confirmation email to the old address in order to complete the change."

More Communication Tips from the Webinar: "Now if we click 'Communication Preferences,' it takes you to this page where you can specify what events will trigger receiving an email notification from Hostwinds. So, for example, you could do something like enable having an email sent to you whenever a new invoice is generated on your account."

Another key thing to remember about the Hostwinds Client Area: You can strengthen your security in just a few clicks. That is, you can take care of security-related procedures such as enabling 2-factor authentification and fast.

Client Area Security

As it turns out, the "Managing My Account Information" guide explains this feature perfectly here:

"Security settings is another feature to secure your account with Hostwinds and is a recommendation to get set up. The authentication option gets its second factor using a time-based algorithm. Your mobile phone can be used to generate the codes. If you don't already have an app that can do this, we recommend Google Authenticator, which is available for iOS, Android, and Windows mobile devices. Adding security questions and answers is another added option to provide security."

Managing My Account Information

There you have it, folks. An expedient overview of some of the Client Area's most prominent features and tools. Now that we've got the ball rolling with one New Year's Resolution, maybe it's time to tac on a second: Become funnier ?. That's right! You can expect fewer corny dad jokes and more epic high-quality knee-slappers throughout the course of this year!

Happy New Year!

That concludes our Client Area Webinar blog post, dear friends. From all of us here at Hostwinds, HAPPY NEW YEAR! We hope 2020 is your best year thus far.

Written by Hostwinds Team  /  January 4, 2020