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Hostwinds Webinars: Installing WordPress Using Softaculous

by: Hostwinds Team  /  May 8, 2020

As a rule of thumb, the dedicated staff over here at Hostwinds reviews client feedback in order to decide what to create or improve next. As such, Hostwinds has released a series of webinars to guide you through a plethora of hosting-related tasks, from editing account details in the Client Area to adding cronjobs in cPanel.

This blog post is intended to highlight some of the key points discussed in the "Softaculous WordPress Install" Webinar embedded below.

Hostwinds Webinars

As its name implies, the Softaculous WordPress Install Webinar will assist you in efficiently installing WordPress using the Softaculous Auto-Installer application included for any Shared, Business, or Reseller Hosting plan.

Production By Hostwinds Support Team Agent, David H.

Now we'll provide you with quick overviews of WordPress and Softaculous before disclosing a few significant protips from the webinar.

WordPress, Softaculous, & Installing WordPress Using Softaculous

WordPress is a well-known and widely-used CMS (Content Management System).

What is WordPress?

Other than the brief definition above, we've got this quote from our "Introduction to WordPress" guide to give you a good idea of what WordPress is and does:

"WordPress is an online and opensource website builder that is written in PHP programming language. It was originally designed to make data-driven blogging websites and has since grown to be used by millions of websites across the internet. It's designed to be very user friendly, allowing even those without any formal website design or development experience to create responsive websites for their needs."

Introduction to WordPress

Softaculous, on the other hand, is software that enables you to install applications with one click! We'll give you a little more context before we move onto protips.

What is Softaculous?

"Softaculous is software that is included with Hostwinds Shared and Business Hosting packages. Softaculous licenses can also be purchased for any Cloud or VPS servers that Hostwinds offers along with cPanel installed. This allows our client's easy installation of hundreds of scripts and applications with a few simple clicks."

Softaculous Overview

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Without further ado, protips!

6 Noteworthy Protips From The Softaculous WordPress Install Webinar:

Protip 1: When selecting a protocol: "We would recommend HTTPS for the protocol for a secure connection."

Protip 2: "The 'In Directory' option specifies what folder it will be installed to. […] Softaculous defaults this to a WP subfolder, and it would just add a /wp to the end of your URL."

Protip 3: "If you want to install WordPress to the root of your domain, you would just leave the 'In Directory' option blank."

Protip 4: "You also have the option of enabling Multisite, which allows you to have multiple WordPress sites under the same installation or database. This is not recommended unless you really know what you're doing with WordPress."

Protip 5: "You also have some advanced options for your installation, and the default values for these will work for most installations."

Protip 6: "[…] once the installation is complete, Softaculous will give you the URL to your site and the URL to your site's admin area, which will attempt to automatically log you in with the admin account you specified during setup."

As for protips pertaining to life, be good to others, be good to yourself, and things will be good. That's how Hostwinds was able to craft outstanding and practical solutions for clients, such as our extensive and user-friendly Cloud Portal. We promise we won't stop there.

Hostwinds Webinars Archive

Stay tuned for more webinars coming your way based on client questions and suggestions!

If you'd ever like to review past or future Hostwinds webinars, check out our webinars archive guide:

Hostwinds Webinars Archive

Please feel encouraged to comment below with any suggestions as to which webinar we should do next. What would be helpful? Let us know below!

Thank you for tuning in today, folks. Take care.

Written by Hostwinds Team  /  May 8, 2020