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Industry Insight: Networking Trends of 2013 Featured Image

Industry Insight: Networking Trends of 2013

by: Bryon Turcotte  /  November 8, 2013

A recent networking study has determined that a number of subjects, including wireless network deployment, bigger budgets, mobile device management, and security frustrations, have been the top trends of 2013, according to a recent article at CIO Insight.

The article indicates that 451 Research conducted interviews with 155 Information Technology professionals employed by medium and large companies. Daniel Kennedy, the study's author and research director for networking and information security, is interviewed by CIO Insight's Jack Rosenberger and gives his insight on a number of these trends.

During the interview, Kennedy said, "In general, for me, having previously been a CSO at a hedge fund, the study validates a lot of decision-making. At trade shows and conferences, you hear about what you should be doing 1-2 years down the road and, with vendors, the information you receive is appropriately self-serving, but this study is useful because it can provide validation for CIO decision-making."

Find out more about these networking trends and read the full interview here at CIO Insight.

Written by Bryon Turcotte  /  November 8, 2013