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Prediction: Ransomware Attacks to Increase in 2014 Featured Image

Prediction: Ransomware Attacks to Increase in 2014

by: Bryon Turcotte  /  December 11, 2013

Technology experts have come to an agreement in their predictions that the spread of "malware" will lessen, allowing hackers to focus more of their attention on "_ransomware_" in the coming year – which allows them to obtain the valid credentials of authentic users – according to an article published by Tech News World. As frustration drives many in the industry affected by these attacks, some agree that there needs to be more of a "_proactive approach to system security_, "the article indicates.

In this article, several experts and analysts commented on these predictions. They voiced their concerns regarding the possible influx of dangers to overall security. Andrew Kellett, a principal analyst with Ovum, a London-based independent analyst and consultancy firm, is quoted in the article to say, "We haven't improved the defenses of business organizations in any way…We continue to find it difficult to detect security breaches. … We're not doing the proactive stuff very well."

Alex Watson, director of Websense, a computer security software company based in California, was also quoted to say, "Malware will still be important in establishing a foothold in the network, but we don't see malware moving laterally in networks and infecting every computer as we saw a couple of years ago." Watson continued to say, "Malware will be used as a tool to grab credentials and walk in the front door. The existing methods for identifying attacks are largely based on the characteristics of their Malware." Watson adds, "_What happens when there isn't any malware to detect in the attack?_"

These are points not taken lightly by technologists since system defenders may have difficulty thwarting these attacks. With the success of "Cryptolocker\, "a trojan horse ransomware that surfaced this year, industry professionals continue to share their concerns and warnings about the future. Fred Touchette, a_ security analyst with AppRiver, a web security firm based in Florida, was quoted in the article to say, "_Since it has been successful, there'll be more attacks of that nature in the months to come — especially if no one gets arrested."

Read more about what these industry insiders have to say about the increased threat HERE at Tech News World.

Written by Bryon Turcotte  /  December 11, 2013