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Season’s Greetings From the Hostwinds Family Featured Image

Season’s Greetings From the Hostwinds Family

by: Hostwinds Team  /  December 25, 2018

Season's Greetings! Here we are again, reunited via this very wonderful blog world. It feels like it's been ages since we last discussed, and let me tell you this…

I missed you.

Did you miss me?

What's that?

You shouted "yes" before I even finished my very emotional question? I love all the responses I assume you are giving.

What's that?

Are you fervently urging me to get back on the topic via introducing the subject of this blog post?

Thanks once again for keeping me in check, friends! I'm on it! This blog post is about:

1. The very personal and warm season's greetings from the Hostwinds Family to you

2. Hostwinds Enterprise Email

The Mushy Stuff

Let's start with the mushy stuff first:

A holiday message from the Hostwinds Family to you:

Dear You,

What a year it's been. We have all evolved and flourished together, and it has been a delight every step of the way. We wish you an abundance of happiness this holiday season. We hope your heart is filled with warmth and love.


The Hostwinds Family

The Enterprise Email Stuff

Question: What is Hostwinds Enterprise Email?

Beautiful Answer Given to Us By A Beautifully Written Hostwinds Knowledge Base Guide Entitled "What is the Hostwinds Enterprise Email Service":

"Hostwinds Enterprise Email is an external email server already set up with spam filtering, which means you'll be able to send all your emails confident that they'll hit the inbox. You don't have to worry about if it makes it to the right person or about your mail being flagged for SPAM."

Visit to receive more information about Enterprise Email.

Another Beautiful Answer Given to Us By Another Beautifully Written Hostwind Knowledge Base Guide Entitled "Managing Mailboxes With Enterprise Email":

"The Hostwinds Enterprise Email is an email service that allows you to feel at ease that your mail is getting delivered to its destination."

Boom! Answers! Oh, by the way, the rest of that guide can be found at

Another Question: How does one go about setting up their Enterprise Email?

Answer: I'm so glad you asked! How lucky that there is a link just below to a Knowledge Base Guide detailing each quick and easy step involved in setting up your Enterprise Email!

Yet Another Question: Now that we know how awesome Enterprise Email is and how easy it is to set up, where and how do we get one!?

Answer: Visit and click the green "Order Package" button beneath the tier you desire, fill out the online form, and click the blue "Complete Order" button at the bottom of the checkout page.

I know I say this about legitimately every single product or service Hostwinds offers…because it's 100% true…. Still, Hostwinds' Enterprise Email is straightforward and fast to set up and manage.

Happy Holidays & Happy New Year

Back to the mushy lovefest! The Hostwinds Family cares about you, and we are here for you always. Our greatest gift this holiday season is our diverse and growing community. It is wonderful to share our success and abundance with you. We hope you have the most joyful holiday season thus far, and we wish you a prosperous new year.

Written by Hostwinds Team  /  December 25, 2018