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The Most Important Things In Life Are Free: Install FreePBX Onto Your Hostwinds Cloud Server Featured Image

The Most Important Things In Life Are Free: Install FreePBX Onto Your Hostwinds Cloud Server

by: Hostwinds Team  /  March 20, 2019

Who was it who first came up with the notion that "you get out of something that you put into it?" You've heard this saying before, and it certainly applies to the success of businesses these days. It seems that the most successful companies are those who understand the importance of giving their clients a break in some capacity. This compassion and understanding usually manifest itself in the form of offering clients some sort of free service or discount.

This is a truly worthwhile investment for companies, as the small decrease in profit that occurs as a result of giving a gift to clients ultimately creates a higher client retention rate. More importantly, it generally produces a bigger/more pleasant community of, as the kids say these days, "ride or die" and loyal clients.

In conclusion, when you give, you receive, and when you extend some sort of courtesy to your clients, you will receive an abundance of benefits in return.

Sangoma Technologies, for example, gives clients the ability to manage and operate their Asterisk phone system with their FREE FreePBX control panel. To piggyback on that, Hostwinds extends to clients the ability to install FreePBX onto their cloud servers in one click in the Hostwinds Cloud Portal. The really cool thing about this option is that clients can create a cloud VPS that is configured to be compatible with FreePBX. In other words, all clients have to do once they have their server all set is create their primary account, and they are…



Build, and

Xylophone? (Does anyone know of any useful word other than xylophone or xenophobia that begins with the letter x?)

P.S. That is not at all what the "PBX" in "FreePBX" stands for, as you likely already ascertained. In fact, PBX stands for Private Branch Exchange, and we will that further in a bit here.


FreePBX is an open-source GUI. It assists you in setting up and managing your phone arrangement/system. It is sponsored by Sangoma Technologies.

Wait a Minute. We Are Getting Ahead of Ourselves Here – First, What is a GUI?

A Graphical User Interface (GUI) is the alternative to using a command line to, for lack of a better word, command your computer to do stuff. GUIs make it more user-friendly to talk to your computer. People who aren't super tech-savvy can use GUIs with ease because they have interfaces with images and buttons to click rather than a stream of complex text.

Back to FreePBX

First, I shall call upon an eloquent quote from one of our Front-Line Experts: "FreePBX is open-ended and open-sourced, meaning developers can update it, and it is free to the public."

Second, I shall call upon an eloquent quote from that same Front-Line Expert who just so happens to be the author of Hostwinds' brand new "How to Install FreePBX On Cloud VPS" Knowledge Base guide: "FreePBX is a software designed to help easily manage Asterisk, a voice over IP (VoIP) and telephone server. This allows you to use the server to manage phone calls for you or your business, including creating and managing users, calling queues, voice mail, faxes, and multiple languages."

P.S. (Please don't judge me for this:) I asked the author of this guide to clarify what "voice over IP" means, and he enlightened me on the subject by explaining that voice over IP is what allows you to make a phone call from an IP rather than a phone line.

Third, I shall call upon the link that will direct you to that guide in case you would like to read the whole thing:

How to Install FreePBX on Cloud VPS

Fourth, I shall call upon a more casual and less eloquent quote from myself: "FreePBX is stellar."

Oh, wait! Getting ahead of ourselves again.

Once Again Getting Ahead of Ourselves – First, What Does PBX Mean?

Definition of PBX: Private Branch Exchange is a phone network system that enables you to manage all the components of such systems. Examples of these components are extensions, call waiting, texting, and voicemail.

It is called "Private Branch Exchange" because it is the exchange of just a few phone connections (Pertinent Information to Know: Fewer phone connections in a system are called branches) in a private network.

Once Again, Circling Back to FreePBX

Okay, are we back on track now? It looks like we are, so let's finally get ourselves geared up to discuss FreePBX. First off, it is to help manage Asterisk.

Oh, for heaven's sake, I did it again. One more clarification, and THEN we will finally get to the very suspenseful FreePBX overview!

Last Time We Get Ahead of Ourselves – What is Asterisk?

Asterisk is a server/framework for talking over the phone. It routes communication between phones. Asterisk is nice because it lets you conduct conference calls, maintain multiple lines, set up phone extensions, employ voice-responding menus, make calls automated, enable texting, integrate video, and more. Asterisk is a well-developed solution if you are looking to get into VoIP.

Asterisk also allows you to have different endpoints for connections, meaning you can have one online computer phone line, one cell phone line, one office telephone set, etc.

Last Time We Are Again Circling Back to FreePBX

FreePBX is idyllic for phone system management for many reasons.

Here are ten just off the top of my head:

1. You can add as many add-ons, extensions, or plugins as you like to this application.

2. The program is highly secure and protected. The FreePBX team goes through scrupulous measures to make sure everything is perfect before the program is at your fingertips.

3. FreePBX supports a bunch of different languages.

4. FreePBX is the boss of customization.

5. You can do things like transfer someone's call to another line with this system.

6. FreePBX is scalable.

7. It is ($10 word coming up:) congruous with a bunch of other applications.

8. You can receive amazing support from the FreePBX team by getting started with a support package.

9. You can set up backups, firewalls, and privacy settings.

10. You can set up queues for your callers and make music play for those who wait in the queue.

That is just the tip of the iceberg in terms of the innumerable features FreePBX provides. This is why it was a no-brainer for Hostwinds to choose FreePBX as one of the 1-click install application templates available to clients upon creating a cloud server in the Cloud Portal.

Click Once & The Deed Is Done

It is absurdly fast to install FreePBX onto a cloud VPS. Ooo, ooo, that Hostwinds guide I keep bringing up contains a slogan-like excerpt that is the perfect FreePBX sales pitch:

"You can install an impressive number of software applications onto your Hostwinds Cloud VPS with the click of a button. If you or your business require their own telephony service, why not look into getting FreePBX on our Cloud servers?"

Follow the quick steps outlined in that guide to install FreePBX onto your cloud server.

Hmmm….How to sum this up poetically? Hmm…LIGHT BULB ON. I got it.

Applying the FreePBX template to your new cloud VPS frees up your time, and conveniently managing your phone system with FreePBX frees up your mind.

Free Up Your Time & Free Up Your Mind

This very professionally-put quote from the author of that guide we keep talking about really does sum it up perfectly: "Asterisk does the server bits, and FreePBX is the panel where you can control it."

This very inspiring quote from Nelson Mandela sums up…something awesome about freedom: "For to be free is not merely to cast off one's chains, but to live in a way that respects and enhances the freedom of others."

*Scanning for a segway sentence* *Scanning…scanning…scanning* No cigar, folks. I am moving on nonetheless!

The ability to install FreePBX onto your cloud server makes your life easier because you don't have to configure the application in order to run it on your server right away. Here at Hostwinds, we design our products and services to make things faster and more convenient for you. Our founder and CEO created Hostwinds after working in this industry and reflecting on ways to make certain ($ 10-word alert:) perfunctory hosting procedures more intuitive for people. Just a few years later, and BOOM, now we have the Hostwinds Cloud Portal, these 1-click install templates, and a bunch of other user-friendly stuff just for you!

Set up your server with the FreePBX 1-click install template today, and manage your ubiquitous network of communications with ease.

Written by Hostwinds Team  /  March 20, 2019