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What is LiteSpeed Web Server?

by: Hostwinds Team  /  January 18, 2020

These days, to maintain a successful and well-received website, fast loading and response times are paramount.

For instance, imagine you are going online shopping, and you decide to check out two eCommerce sites selling virtually the same products. We'll refer to them as website A and site B. If site A takes a long time to load, and site B loads right away, would you be more likely to purchase from? B is generally the winner, and B would also be the website with the higher search engine ranking.

Getting the right hosting package, and the right server, for that matter, makes a massive impact on how fast your site loads. This blog post is intended to spotlight a distinguished web server: LiteSpeed Web Server. Aptly named LiteSpeed, this particular web server happens to be one of the speediest in existence at this moment.

On That Note: It is vital to all of us here at Hostwinds that our clients experience the fastest loading times for their websites. As such, we use LiteSpeed Web Server for every Business Hosting plan.

Throughout this blog post, we will review the many reasons LiteSpeed stands out in the web hosting software arena. We'll also cover some Hostwinds Business Web Hosting information.

What is LiteSpeed?

As indicated by the name, LiteSpeed Web Server is a potent, swift web server software developed by LiteSpeed Technologies. Also indicated by the name, LiteSpeed is a remarkably lightweight server in terms of resource usage. Yet, by some miracle, it still performs amazingly well. Not to mention LiteSpeed is very secure even though it doesn't use many resources.

LiteSpeed Web Server works for Linux, Mac OS X, FreeBSD, and Solaris.

You want a website to run exceedingly fast?

Get LiteSpeed Web Server.

You want to accommodate for huge and random spikes in website traffic at all times?

Get LiteSpeed Web Server.

Do you want to eliminate response time for your site virtually?

Get LiteSpeed Web Server.

Do you want dependable hosting for an eCommerce website?

Get LiteSpeed Web Server.

Does your site have heavy amounts of traffic?

LiteSpeed was designed to handle it.

If you are using Drupal, use LiteSpeed.

If you are using Joomla, use LiteSpeed.

If you are using WordPress, use LiteSpeed.

Why, you ask?

LiteSpeed is optimized for applications like Joomla, Magento, WordPress, and more. Its special caching solution makes applications like those mentioned above run much faster!

Furthermore, PHP performs way better and way faster with LiteSpeed Web Server due to the latter's LSAPI (LiteSpeed Server Application Programming Interface). This is just one of the characteristics that make LiteSpeed Web Server stand out.

What Makes LiteSpeed Web Server Special?

Several things make this webserver extraordinary.

Here's Just a Few:

  • There can be thousands of clients on one server without the memory being destroyed or the CPU usage skyrocketing through the roof
  • LiteSpeed is very scalable
  • It can host tons of clients at the same time without having multiple hardware platforms, without delays, & without interruptions
  • It's exceedingly stable
  • Very little memory & CPU usage
  • LiteSpeed serves content extraordinarily fast
  • It is easy to set up and deploy
  • LiteSpeed can handle thousands of website visitors each second
  • Sites hosted on LiteSpeed have virtually no downtime
  • LiteSpeed is optimized for PHP. Therefore, PHP performs 50% faster
  • The web server is monitored round the clock
  • LiteSpeed removes the issue of bottlenecks for your hosting

You May be Wondering:

What is a Bottleneck?

Bottleneck Definition: According to Hostwinds Support Team Representative David H., a bottleneck is (in layman's terms) when something within your hosting platform is "preventing other things from performing to their maximum capacity."

Believe it or not, the LiteSpeed, as mentioned above, Web Server features aren't even half of it. There is a lot more where all that came from!

More LiteSpeed Web Server Features

Apart from its spectacular performance, LiteSpeed offers the following:

  • Image Optimization
  • Support for HTTP/2
  • JavaScript and CSS Optimization
  • LiteSpeed also supports various versions of PHP (4, 5, 7)

Additionally, LiteSpeed has a state-of-the-art LSCache plugin that makes caching much, much speedier. As a result, no 3rd party caching layers are required, and LiteSpeed can cache website pages faster than any other web server.

Strong Security

LiteSpeed's robust security certainly makes it a top contender as far as web servers go. Your website's security will be next to none if you use LiteSpeed because it can use Apache HTTP Server's mod_security module. It has additional security features built into it. One example of this is connection throttling built in to prevent DDoS attacks. Thus, LiteSpeed provides better security than Apache.

Main Takeaway Here: If you would like to neutralize DDoS attacks without purchasing anything extra, get LiteSpeed Web Server.

Noteworthy LiteSpeed Perk:

Faster Loading Speed for Your Website = Higher Search Engine Ranking

Another Noteworthy Perk: A lot of Apache's tools and utilities work seamlessly with LiteSpeed.

A Few Examples of This Include:

  • LiteSpeed is compatible with Apache's .htaccess files
  • LiteSpeed is compatible with Apache's mod_rewrite module

LiteSpeed can also load Apache configuration files seamlessly.

Often referred to as a 'drop-in alternative' for Apache, LiteSpeed can take Apache's place with minimal adjustments or configurations necessary. If a host can run on Apache, theoretically, chances are it can also run on LiteSpeed. It takes mere minutes to swap out Apache for LiteSpeed. With this being the case, LiteSpeed and Apache web servers do have quite a few differences.

What is the Difference Between LiteSpeed and Apache?

First off, LiteSpeed is known to be much faster than Apache – nearly ten times faster, to be precise.

Here are Some More Core Differences Between LiteSpeed & Apache:

  • LiteSpeed's maximum capacity is twice as high as that of Apache
  • LiteSpeed is easier to work with than Apache
  • LiteSpeed employs SSL acceleration, which allows it to load pages about twice as fast as Apache
  • LiteSpeed Web Server's architecture is event-driven, whereas Apache is process-driven

You May be Wondering:

What Does Event-Driven Mean?

Event-driven architecture entails a web server being able to handle multiple requests at the same time. LiteSpeed, for instance, doesn't even need to use a lot of memory to take care of a ton of requests at the same time. By 'a ton,' we mean hundreds upon thousands.

Apache, by contrast, has process-driven architecture, meaning it can only handle one request at a time.

Now that you know how excellent and outstanding LiteSpeed Web Server truly is, are you ready for some Hostwinds Business Hosting shameless plugging? We sure hope you answered 'yes!'

LiteSpeed for Hostwinds Business Hosting

If you're convinced your website's high amount of traffic warrants using LiteSpeed Web Server, we strongly suggest getting started with one of Hostwinds' comprehensive Business Web Hosting packages.

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Although that pretty much sums up our LiteSpeed Web Server analysis, we'll leave you with some final thoughts.

Final Thoughts

So That Settles It: LiteSpeed Web Server is feasibly the best thing to happen to web server software since sliced bread. Suppose you have any questions about this webserver or Hostwinds Business Hosting plans. In that case, you are always encouraged to contact our dedicated support team. They are available 24/7/365 via Live Chat ( or Phone (888-404-1279).

Thank you for tuning in, folks. Have a nice day!

Written by Hostwinds Team  /  January 18, 2020