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The Cloud for the PS4 Revealed: 3 Features that Will Dwarf the Xbox One Featured Image

The Cloud for the PS4 Revealed: 3 Features that Will Dwarf the Xbox One

by: Jacob Blynthe  /  August 15, 2013

The Cloud Makes the PS4 a Giant in The Gaming Industry

The cloud combines mythical imagery with actual technological benefits. Though nothing more than a massive bank of high-end servers, the cloud delivers a level of data management that was unheard of just ten years ago. The first commercially viable cloud didn't even debut until 2008. Recognizing the benefits of fast and efficient data management via a cloud-type server, Microsoft and Sony have developed cloud capability for their flagship gaming consoles. Now that they both utilize this feature, the PS4 stands among the leaders on the tech front. But which of these consoles indeed emerges as the giant, and which one the dwarf?

More Similarities Than Differences – The Hardware and Specs

RAM – The Sony PlayStation 4 (PS4) and Microsoft Xbox One are two leading game consoles on the market today. Besides the obvious aesthetic ones, the differences among them boil down to some subtle hardware variations and software specs. One of the most impressive hardware specs related to the PS4 is its use of 8GB of GDDR5 RAM. The Xbox One must make do with DDR3 memory – albeit with eight total GB as well. This may provide more flexibility and power for game developers and still leaves 4.5 GB of available memory after the OS has been satisfied. Score one for the PS4.

Kinect Vs. PS4 Eye – Both the Kinect and the PS4 Eye are designed to track one or more individuals at a time – to increase the human experience. The Kinect has a 1080p camera that can track up to six individuals at a time. The PS4 eye, though an option for the PS4 system, includes dual 1280×800 pixel cameras inside a camera bar.

Pay For Play – Both Microsoft and Sony charge have traditionally charged for multiplayer games and other feature content. But only Sony has confirmed that it won't cost anything to access apps such as Hulu, Netflix, and Microsoft will require a membership fee before allowing access to apps such as the ones mentioned.

Whether you consider yourself a Microsoft or a Sony devotee, you'd be hard-pressed to find a better gaming console on the market than either of these giants. One of the best features of either is utilizing the cloud to enable more sophisticated data management and increase flexibility. The cloud has become more prevalent in recent years due to the ability to leverage faster networks, more reliable servers, and access faster computing power. For the serious gamer, a cloud-enabled PS4 is an outstanding choice.

Written by Jacob Blynthe  /  August 15, 2013