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Hop on the Cloud Bandwagon: Here Are 5 Good Reasons Why Featured Image

Hop on the Cloud Bandwagon: Here Are 5 Good Reasons Why

by: Andrea Martin  /  August 1, 2013

The Cloud Will Be The New Normal In No Time

The cloud is a romanticized version of a giant room full of servers that manage the constant stream of data for a worldwide network of businesses and consumers. History has proven that people aren't comfortable with new technology until it isn't new anymore. Cloud computing isn't new –, in terms of the computer industry. It has been around for ages.

The concept of the cloud was outlined in Douglas Parkhill's 1966 book, The Challenge of the Computer Utility. It was first deployed in an open-source format in 2008. Five years is an eternity in the computer realm, so cloud computing can't indeed be considered the latest innovation in data management. So, for those who think that new always means risky, cloud computing has proven highly reliable and a wise choice for many.

For many businesses that are looking to increase the efficiency of their entire IT operation, the following five reasons might be compelling enough reasons to hop on the cloud bandwagon:

Save On Infrastructure: For businesses looking to expand their current hosting environment, why spend all that money on new servers, applications, software, and operating systems when you can pay a cloud provider a small monthly management fee?

Save On Utilities: High-performance servers and all of their related equipment need to run around the clock and can exact large utility bills in no time. No matter how much your cloud server is working, your utility bill will not change. This is an important consideration to make, as the offset in utility savings may pay for the cloud hosting fee.

More Performance and Features: Cloud server hosts can invest in high-performance equipment that would be unattainable for most small businesses or individuals. Additional feature content is usually available, as these cloud hosts must remain competitive to ensure viability in this market.

Better Data Protection and Reliability: Most reputable cloud server hosts invest incredible sums of money on security software, firewalls, and redundant backup systems. Your data is typically safer in the cloud than on your server. In terms of reliability, cloud servers have most other hosting services beat. Ask yourself – do you have an onsite generator in case of a power failure? How long will your UPS keep your server online? And, do you have a dedicated team of IT professionals who can ensure that your network is always up and running?

Keep Your IT Group Working On Projects, Not Troubleshooting: Your IT department should be working on projects that can enhance the effectiveness and profitability of your business. They shouldn't spend much of their time configuring, managing, and repairing their server arrays. Cloud servers give your valued IT department more time to do what they were hired to do.

Cloud servers are here to stay. The only question is, when will you get on the bandwagon and join the millions of individuals and businesses who have seen the future of hosting? Though the concept has been discussed for over 50 years, the past five years have seen the birth and growth of the cloud concept. One thing is for sure, though – the cloud will soon become the new norma

Written by Andrea Martin  /  August 1, 2013