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Next Gen Game Consoles Take to the Cloud, for One Console it Looks Like Rain Featured Image

Next Gen Game Consoles Take to the Cloud, for One Console it Looks Like Rain

by: Jacob Blynthe  /  August 16, 2013

The Cloud Has Become a High-Performance Way to Manage Data

The cloud has been in full effect for over five years now, and gamers have wasted little time taking advantage of the benefits of cloud gaming. The cloud is essentially a massive array of servers that handles a seemingly infinite number of daily processes. These servers are housed in data centers around the world and are incredibly reliable, quick, and robust in operation.

Companies who invest millions of dollars in these high-end server arrangements can generally afford much more sophisticated and reliable units than any individual or small business could. For this reason alone, cloud computing makes a lot of sense. Let the hosting service pay for the infrastructure – not you!

Gamers Can Now Maximize Their Experience By Utilizing Cloud-Enabled Machines – Which Console Reigns Supreme?

Gamers demand powerful computers, robust internet connections, and ultra-reliable hosting services to manage their gameplay. One of the benefits of cloud-enabled gaming systems is the ability to store in-progress games in the cloud. A gamer can then access these games anywhere there is an internet connection. For those who play across multiple platforms or in a variety of locations, this can provide a significant increase in flexibility.

One of the most exciting announcements made recently is the long-awaited debut of the PS4 console from Sony. With an expected arrival date of "holiday 2013," the PS4 has already generated amazing excitement and is poised to go head to head with the Xbox One. The PS4 will offer a state-of-the-art camera system that can track both the player and the handheld controller.

Other features of note are cloud-enabled gaming options that permit seamless multi-person play and a starting price of approximately $100 lower than the Xbox One. That is a compelling value proposition for any prospective shopper. The cloud will no doubt permeate the gaming market to where non-cloud-enabled machines will seem as quaint as a Sega Genesis. The cloud offers several advantages over a standard system, most of all the ability to maximize multi-player games via a sophisticated and reliable cloud server.

Written by Jacob Blynthe  /  August 16, 2013