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How to Change Your Hostname (DirectAdmin Control Panel)

Tags DirectAdmin,  DNS 

With DirectAdmin, your server's hostname can be changed by an  Administrator on the server. This guide will walk through the necessary steps for this procedure.

Step 1: Access your Administrator account at http://YOUR-IP:2222

Step 2: Navigate to Server Manager > Administrator Settings.

Step 3: Select the Server Settings tab, and change your server's hostname. Your hostname must be a fully qualified domain name, and it must resolve to your Hostwinds VPS IP address. It should look like a subdomain, as seen below. Finally, click the green Save button.

Step 4: Allow 1 minute for DirectAdmin to restart.

Note: For DirectAdmin versions 1.52.1 and older, you must add a new DNS zone for the new hostname—instructions for this step.

Written by Hostwinds Team  /  June 5, 2021