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Search for Domain Registrations

How To Search For Domain Registrations In WHMCS


Search for Domain Registrations

The Domain Registrations section in WHMCS allows you to search for domain registrations and these orders placed through WHMCS.

Search for Domain Registrations

Step One: Hover your mouse over the Clients tab and select domain registrations from the drop-down menu

Step Two: Input the search parameters for the domain that you wish to find and click the Search button when complete

  • Domain: Narrows the search to domains containing a specified domain / partial domain
  • Registrar: Narrows the search to the registrar the domain is registered with
  • Status: Narrows the search to domains matching a specific status (Active, Expired, Pending Transfer, Pending, etc.)
  • Client Name: Narrows the search to clients with the specified name / partial name

Written by Hostwinds Team  /  September 1, 2018